Inspection for mechanical defects on passenger vehicles (e.g., cracked windshield) is no longer required, but tips seen in “PREPARING FOR INSPECTION” and “PREVENTING SAFETY PROBLEMS” are useful in keeping your vehicle safe and avoiding a ticket for non-compliance.

Check your car for the most common problems before you go.
Five easy ways to cut back on fuel use.
You don’t need a hybrid to reduce your carbon footprint.

Look out for signs of trouble in your steering and braking systems.

TIP 01: Check your exterior lights TIP 09: Use air conditioning wisely
TIP 02: Check dashboard warning lights TIP 10: Lose a few pounds
TIP 03: Check the tires for wear TIP 11: Schedule routine maintenance
TIP 04: Check your windshield and wipers TIP 12: Don’t top off your gas tank
TIP 05: Get your documents ready TIP 13: Tighten your gas cap
TIP 06: Don’t run in place TIP 14: Check your tire pressure
TIP 07: Drive and accelerate smoothly TIP 15: Be alert for signs of brake trouble
TIP 08: Stick to the speed limit TIP 16: Watch for signs of steering problems
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